Templates and Clear Instructions

by | Apr 25, 2024

Most real estate offices operate like small tight-knit communities.

Agents seem to participate in the community for common reasons but getting them to consistently focus on a set of productive activities can be a challenge.

To overcome this common obstacle, online community expert Rich Millington suggests a simple solution:

If you want better contributions from members, give them clearer instructions and templates to work with. It sounds obvious, but it so rarely happens.

Create a template with clear boxes of what’s expected in each area, give plenty of great examples members can see, edit, and tinker with.

Provide them with simple training they can take. And, most importantly, give them constructive criticism so they can improve.

There is a good chance you’re already using this basic formula to help your agents succeed.

But let me ask you a quick question: Do you use the same formula to help yourself recruit?

Mundane activities like recruiting go better when you’re following a preplanned regiment that include scripts, time-blocks, and ways to collect feedback on how you’re doing.

You already know that sloppy execution doesn’t work for selling.

It doesn’t work for recruiting either.


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