What Do Your Recruiting Prospects Remember About You?

by | Jul 25, 2023

A few years ago, I worked with one of my kids on a student loan and had the opportunity to interact with the finance company, SallieMae.After three months of back-and-forth communication with their sales and customer service functions, I could not be more impressed.While they masterfully weaved together the use of email, text, video, and web technology to outline and execute the education loan, the most impressive component of the process was their unwavering focus on a single underlying objective.This objective was summed up in the first line of an email I recently received:Thank you for letting us help to make your dream of education a reality.Recruiters and hiring managers would be wise to adopt this perspective.For a new agent, your first and most important objective is to help your recruiting prospect’s dream of having a successful real estate career become a reality.This objective should drive how you communicate, interview, negotiate, follow-up, onboard, and perform every other recruiting task.It should taint everything you do, and be what prospects remember about working with you.


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