I’ve Heard of You

by | Jan 31, 2023

I recently received this email from a high-performing hiring manager whom I coach:

This morning, I got a random phone call from an out-of-area prefix that I decided to answer.

It was an agent who was on a team and was not getting compensated fairly for the leads she was generating on her own.  She wanted to step out on her own.

Then she said something interesting: “I heard about your office from _______________.”  (It was another agent, and I didn’t recognize their name.)

She went on to say that if she makes the change, three of her teammates would follow her because they needed more too.

The manager has since hired this agent ($4.4M producer), and there may be more coming.

Who was the mystery agent who referred the prospect?

Turns out, it was a new agent prospect she had interviewed earlier in the year.

The prospect was not a fit for this manager’s office (she was working part-time), but she remembered the amazing details of the office from the interview.

This is the best kind of experienced agent recruiting—you create something so remarkable that agents in the marketplace are talking about it.

How do you create this kind of buzz?  It comes from having a great value proposition and a culture that attracts your ideal prospect.

This hiring manager recruited over $20M in experienced agent production/year for the last two years, and she’s on her way to doing it again.

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