Recruiting With a Purpose

by | Aug 5, 2022

In a post from the archive, recruiting expert Aaron Hurst shared some of his research on the common characteristics of high-performing recruiters.

According to Aaron, productivity and success sprout from a recruiter’s sense of purpose.

Recruiting is the most social of jobs in an organization.

Recruiters spend most of their time connecting with people.

Sure, salespeople do that too, but they are selling a product or service.

Recruiters are selling relationships and culture.

They have to make people feel like they are going to be part of something bigger than themselves.

More than that, recruiters have to first believe that about themselves — they have to be able to get meaning from their own work before they can help candidates find their own meaning in work.

It may seem like a subtle distinction, but what you believe about yourself and your organization taints all parts of the recruiting process—for the good or for the bad.

Recruiters have a tremendous amount of power as change agents in their companies, so a purpose-driven recruitment culture can help create the change that is needed to better attract talent.

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