The Art of Nurturing Your Recruiting Prospects

by | May 17, 2023

The day-to-day tasks of experienced agent recruiting are similar to the activities high-performing agents use to convert their prospects into clients.Short-cuts are rare.It’s usually a lengthy process of staying in contact with a prospect until their personal circumstances force a change.If you’re standing nearby, have been a helpful resource, and have a compelling value proposition, you’ll most likely get the hire.If you’re sloppy in your follow-up, you’ll probably only hear about the change after your prospect joins a competitor.Great follow-up is a harbinger of both sales and recruiting success, and it’s one of the reasons we invited Mike Simonson to this week’s Recruiting Mastermind.While Mike is an expert at predicting where the market is going, he’s even better at equipping agents to use this data to follow-up with consistency and tact.His follow-up techniques are world class, and his insight on how to use data to persuade is second to none.If you’ve struggling with your recruiting funnel follow-up, this could be the breakthrough you need to improve your conversions and reach your recruiting goals.I hope you can join us this Friday, as Mike shows us how to turn data into recruiting results.


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