Uncovering a Recruiting Prospect’s Purpose

by | Mar 2, 2023

Author Po Bronson reminds us of an old parable you’ve probably heard a few times.

There were three bricklayers who were all working on the same job.

When they get a break, one guy asks the other two, ‘Why are you doing this job?’

The first guy says, ‘I’m doing it for the wages.’

The second guy says, ‘I’m doing it for my wife and kids.’

The third guy looks up at what they’ve been building–a church–a place to get in touch with God. He says, ‘I’m helping to build a cathedral.’

Most people hear this parable, and they think the third guy has the right answer.

But that’s not the lesson being taught.

All three men have a sense of purpose—the cathedral is just a conduit for their purpose to be realized (self-sufficiency, family, or spirituality).

They’re all good. They’re all “right” answers.

The real lesson of the parable is this: Notice that no one answered, ‘I just love laying bricks.’

Agents usually have a larger purpose that inspires the work they do.

Your job as a recruiter is to uncover your prospect’s true purpose and then help them see how working with you will enable them to flourish more in that purpose.

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