The #1 Benefit You Can Offer Agents

by | Sep 6, 2022

According to researchers, tactics for reducing stress may be the most important thing you can offer those on your team.

More than ever before, employees report feeling tired, discouraged, burned-out, distracted, and depressed—i.e., they’re experiencing stress.

And there is a direct connection between high levels of stress and lower levels of productivity, engagement, and loyalty.

So how do you lower stress for your agents?

While traditional benefits programs contribute to a person’s wellbeing, some of the most impactful contributors to reducing stress were less obvious.

Here are the top five factors shown to reduce stress:

Thoughtful recognition of their contributions

Competitive compensation

Reasonable workload

Sufficient time to address personal needs

Flexible work arrangements

In essence, agents who are experiencing these benefits feel more supported.

And when individuals feel more supported (especially during uncertain times), the researchers found a strong correlation to them also feeling more successful, valued, appreciated, engaged, productive and respected.

If you’re a real estate broker whose business model is built on providing a high level of support, it’s your time to shine.

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