“How Are You Going to Help Me Generate Leads?”

by | Nov 17, 2022

Generating leads is top of mind for most real estate agents.

They know that without a consistent flow of leads, they’ll  fail.

So, it’s not surprising the topic of lead generation comes up during most recruiting discussions.

As a hiring manager, you must know and be comfortable articulating your organization’s lead generation story.

You must be able to complete the sentence: My team helps you generate leads by….

And then be able to tell stories and give examples of why your lead generation system is superior to your competitors.

As you know, there are many different ways to generate leads, and each methodology has advantages and disadvantages.

You don’t lose by embracing the wrong methodology.

You lose either by not having confidence in your methodology or being timid in communicating why your approach is superior.

Hesitancy cracks the door for your competitors to tell their lead story with confidence.

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