How Setting Expectations Can Make or Break the Second Half of 2023

by | Jun 16, 2023

In a post from the archive, Dave Mashburn reminds us about the importance of the Rosenthal Effect.In the famous first study, Robert Rosenthal told a number of teachers that they had assessed all of the incoming 5th graders with a special new instrument designed to identify which children were poised to experience an intellectual “growth spurt” in the upcoming academic year.In reality, these “high-potential” children were chosen at random, and there was nothing special about them at all.By the end of the year, the majority of that group had, indeed, made the greatest strides among all the children, despite the fact that there was nothing different about those children, outside of having the highest expectations placed on them.What did the teachers do differently with these students? They tended to downplay obstacles, show more positive patience, and convey a strong confidence in their belief that these children would do well.The children picked up on this positive expectation and lived up to the challenge of achievement.As we near the end of Q2 and make plans for the second half of the year, it’s worth considering how you can take advantage of the Rosenthal Effect.Your new agent prospects need to hear how they have special talents that will help them excel despite the market conditions. Your experienced agent prospects need to hear how using their unique talents inside your system will produce remarkable results.Your existing agents need to hear how you believe they’re on the verge of making significant breakthroughs in the second half of the year.As a leader, setting high expectations and convincing others they’re capable of great things is one of the best investments you can make.


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