The Challenge of Selling Yourself (and Not Getting Depressed)

by | Dec 1, 2023

Selling yourself is much more challenging than selling a product.

For example, if you’re listing a house, the house has a price range, location, certain features, and a great view.

All tangible things a buyer may or may not want.  Find a buyer who wants everything on the list, and the sale happens.

But what happens when you’re the product? 

If you’re the hiring manager, prospects are evaluating you as much or more than what you’re offering.

Do I like this person?  Do I want to be connected to this person?  Do I want to trust my career to this person?

When a great prospect says no to these questions, it hurts, feels depressing, and it makes us want to retreat.

How do you keep this mindset from derailing your recruiting activities?

According to business consultant Matthew Kimberly, you must learn the art of dissociation.

Disassociation is not just for method actors and spies.

It’s a way to put some healthy distance between the “business you” and the “personal you.”

With this separation, rejection doesn’t sting like a slap in the face, and success doesn’t go straight to your head.

When you master this psychological double act, you’ve got it made.

Your business life becomes a well-scripted play where you can pivot from tragedy to comedy without missing a beat.

Recruiting is about playing a part in a “business play” that will have a significant effect on your success.

Ryan Gosling doesn’t take it personal when he was demoted to being “just Ken” in the Barbie movie.

He’s home counting all the money he made from playing his part.

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