The Three Words That Will Get More of Your Recruiting Emails Opened

by | Dec 21, 2023

According to marketing specialist Sean Platt, there’s a simple subject line phrase that returns the highest open rates of any of the marketing emails he’s ever tested.

You’re not alone.

Why is this phrase so effective?

Because it taps into something every human being wants—to be understood and cared about.

And because it taps a core need, it overrides some of the normal inhibitions that make people suspect of marketing messages.

Sean offers this follow-on advice:

No matter what message you’re sending or service you’re selling, if you remind your reader that someone understands what they are going through and cares about helping them, you will become their temporary hero.

Do it repeatedly, and you will permanently solidify that position.

Use this subject line to get your email opened, but treat the open as just the first step.

Once you capture your reader’s attention, prove that you deserved it by providing a useful solution to their most pressing problem.

If your message truly helps a prospect solve a problem, and it relieves them of their feelings of isolation, then it’s no wonder it works!


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