To Team or Not to Team

by | Jan 31, 2024

From a recruiting perspective, one of the most common questions I get is:

How do I handle teams?

Broker owners want to know:

Should I promote teams in my brokerage?

If so, how should I contribute to their recruiting efforts?

Office leaders want to know:

Some of my struggling new agents want to join a team. Do I encourage or try to redirect them?

One of my high performers wants to start a team, how do I advise them?

Team leaders want to know:

How do I do a better job of selecting agents who are a good fit for my team?

Do I keep growing my team, or is there perfect size for my skills and capacities?

High performers want to know:

Is starting a team right for me? If so, what kind of team would be right for me?

Why do some teams fail, and how do I avoid being one of them?

Agents on teams want to know:

Am I the type of person who needs a team, or could I transition to being independent?

When is the right time to leave my team?

Regardless of your role, you’ve probably heard and tried to answer many of these questions and many more.

Here’s a fact:  Teams are here to stay, and it’s important that every leader have a framework where these types of questions can be consistently and thoughtfully answered.

And it’s one of the reasons we’re offering our Team CEO Manual to Insight readers today.

This manual is written from the perspective of an agent who is considering starting a team, but it answers all the questions posed above and many more.

Download your copy now (below), and tomorrow we’ll discuss how leaders are using this resource in various circumstances.


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