Learning to Reframe Your Fears

by | May 4, 2023

In a post from the archive, Dave Mashburn reminds us of the importance of reframing.

Reframing has a way of dismantling defenses, exposing old myths, eliminating fears, and igniting productivity.

What is reframing?  It means looking at a conflicting topic with a new set of eyes.

It requires stepping back and trying to determine why there’s such resistance around a reoccurring topic of frustration and then discussing it in a new way.

Often, it only requires small changes in language or perspective to accomplish large leaps in “a-ha moments” of clarity.

Recruiting is full of opportunities to reframe—both for you and for the prospects you’re seeking to help.

Here are a few examples:


Initial feeling: Recruiting calls make me feel like I’m being a pest.

Reframing: Building a network and making new friends is something all professionals need to do to be successful. I’m just helping my prospects build their network!


Initial feeling: Most agents are too busy to talk to me about recruiting.

Reframing: Most agents are too busy because they have poor support systems. They need help to get past being busy and on to being productive and balanced.


Initial feeling:  Most agents tell me they’re happy with their current broker/office.

Reframing:  This is true for some, but most tell themselves this because they’re stuck and fearful of change.  I help agents by “turning on the lights” and letting them see what they’re missing.


You can probably think of dozens more.

As doubts and negative thoughts creep into your mind, you must reframe them into positives.

If you don’t, you’ll be just as stuck as those you’re trying to help.


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