Talent Attraction Magic

by | Mar 15, 2024

Regia Marinho recently posted this illustration in a Medium article she wrote:

Her definition of “magic” is the personal growth, achievement, and positive change an individual hopes to find in their life.

What if we took her model and applied it to your role as a hiring manager?

Desire.  Most people transition into leadership roles because they have a strong desire to lead. This is a worthy goal, but to get there you’ll have to develop your “talent attraction muscle.”  Why?  Because great leaders attract talent.

Action. Attracting talent doesn’t just happen. It takes focused effort, and the best results go to hiring managers who have a bias for action and are constantly moving.

Consistency. You’ll need to follow a system to get results. Ad hoc recruiting will produce mediocre results or worse.  Learning and working a system will equip you to be consistent.

As Regia predicts, when desire, action, and consistency come together–magic happens.


PS.  If your talent attraction efforts are not feeling very magical right now, reach out.  We can show you how to build a recruiting system that will produce the results you hope to achieve.


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