Cheap Trick Recruiting Advice

by | Apr 4, 2023

In 1977, Cheap Trick released their now classic single I Want You to Want Me.

I’m sure many of you can hum the tune.

This simple song contained some profound recruiting advice:

Your recruiting prospects want to know they’re wanted.

This knowledge builds attraction between two individuals.

It’s a message that is easy to insert into the recruiting process at various points and will likely resonate with those who are hearing it.

I really respect the work you’re doing, and I’d love to have someone with your talent on our team.

The agents you’ve worked with from our office think you’re amazing—we want you working on our side!

If you’d ever consider making a move, please remember you’re our #1 prospect.

It’s a simple message that can have a powerful effect. After all, you can still hum the tune 44 years after it was released.

Sidenote: In 1984, researchers confirmed the Cheap Trick hypothesis as it relates to persuasion in business applications—so you don’t have to completely trust what you learned from this song.

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