5 Ways to Build Trust With Your Recruiting Prospects

by | Oct 22, 2021

No one is going to join your team unless they trust you.

How do you build trust in the limited time you have with prospects?

In a post from the archive, Geoffrey James answers this question from a sales prospect perspective.

The same principles apply to recruiting.

Be curious about people. People are drawn to those who show true interest in them. Curiosity about people is thus a crucial element of relationship building.  Having an abiding fascination in others gives you the opportunity to learn new things and make new connections.

Be consistent. A customer’s ability to trust you is dependent upon showing the customer that your behavior is consistent and persistent over time. When a customer can predict your behavior, that customer is more likely to trust you.

Seek the truth. Trust emerges when you approach selling as a way of helping the customer–so make it your quest to discover the real areas where the you can work together.  Never be afraid to point out that your product or company may not be the right fit.

Keep an open mind. If you’re absolutely convinced the customer needs your product, the customer will sense you’re close-minded and become close-minded in return.  Instead, be open to the idea that the customer might be better served elsewhere. In turn, customers will sense that you’ve got their best interests at heart.

Be a professional. Customers tend to trust individuals who are serious about what they do, and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft. Take the time every day to learn more about your customers, their industry and their challenges.

The best recruiters take the time and put in the effort to build trust because they know the payoff for this effort is hires.


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