What Makes an Agent Talented?

by | Aug 10, 2023

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you’re constantly searching for talented individuals to join your team.But what makes an individual talented?Bestselling authors Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich suggest getting a clear definition of talent provides the necessary framework for the rest of the hiring process.These authors define talent via this simple equation:Talent = Competence × Commitment × ContributionSome people restrict their definition of talent to just competence.Does the individual have the knowledge, skills, and values required to perform the agent role?While this is an important factor to consider, the other two components should also be taken into account because they have a multiplying effect.Assessing for commitment is something many hiring managers also consider.Is this prospect willing to make a full-time commitment and be fully dedicated to their real estate career?The final component, contribution, is something most hiring managers don’t consider because it requires you to view hiring through your customer’s eyes.How is a recruiting prospect going to contribute to my customer’s success? (Or, what skills and abilities do your customers value most?)There’s an assumption this information is already known, but researchers have found that many organizations are surprisingly self-focused and have a blind spot in this area.Expanding the definition of talent per this equation is a great foundation from which to build.It brings you closer to understanding what really causes some agents to be high-performers.

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