Persistent Follow-up: Email Template

by | Jan 16, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

In his excellent book on marketing, Allan Dib provides a simple format for a marketing follow-up email.

His formula is:

You know [problem]? What we do is [solution]. In fact, [proof].

This template can easily be adapted to recruitment marketing and be used as a basis for your post-interview follow-ups.

For example, here is the body of an email following this template:


You know how most agents get bogged down with so much administrative work they don’t have time to focus on growing their businesses?

What we do to help agents get over this hurdle is provide the highest ratio of support staff to agents compared to anyone in our marketplace.

In fact, in our office more than 90% of administrative tasks are handled by non-agent team members who are incentivized to see the agents they support succeed.


While these emails are intentionally short and simple, they must address the emotionally-charged issues your ideal prospects are experiencing.

If you’re recruiting experienced agents, develop a series of these emails covering issues that differentiate your brokerage from your competitors.

If you’re recruiting new agents, focus your email series on issues that differentiate the real estate career from traditional employment.

In both cases, build a drip campaign that launches  soon after each interview.

If you solve enough of your recruiting prospects’ problems, you’ll eventually get the job of being their manager.

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