Your Recruitment Brand Should Repel Some Prospects

by | Mar 31, 2022

Real estate companies work hard to establish a consumer brand that is known, admired, and respected by everyone in their communities.

An employer brand is closely related to its consumer brand sibling but serves a different purpose.

According to recruiting expert Kimberlea Kozachenko, a good employer brand should repel as much as it attracts:

A bold, clear, and unique employer brand isn’t always established to attract.

Sometimes it serves to push talent away, to deter individuals who would ultimately be unhappy, unfulfilled, or not have all their needs met by a particular work environment.

This doesn’t mean the environment is bad; it simply means that there’s a misalignment between what the company offers and what those candidates are seeking in an employer.

Your employer brand (and ultimately your unique agent value proposition) should clearly define who would flourish on your team.

We want our talent to be fulfilled, motivated, and have a sense of belonging within our teams.

And if we can give such a good window into what life is like in our organization that prospective talent can self-select to opt-out early, that’s indicative of a truly powerful employer brand. It really turns out to be a win for everyone.

The true objective of recruitment marketing is getting the right prospects to raise their hands.

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