Your Next High Performer

by | Mar 27, 2020

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of planting new agent recruiting seeds during difficult times.

Soon after the last downturn, Tracey Goetz planted one of these seeds that turned into a great success story.

The recruiting prospect was Brooks Brittingham, and we caught up with him a couple of years after he became an agent at BHHS York Simpson Underwood Realty.

Brooks was working as a restaurant manager when he first connected with Tracey.

I was frustrated with not having a clear path to making a wage I believed possible considering my work ethic.

I came upon a BHHS agent job posting and believed I owed it to myself to at least check out this opportunity.

I was scheduled to see Tracey and by the end of the interview I was certain she would be the one who could help me reach my goals.

It wasn’t an easy path for Brooks, but his resilience paid off.

The first two years were difficult. I worked really hard and was not making as much as I had been as a restaurant manager.

This last year (my third year as a real estate agent), I made two times what I made previously.

This coming year, I am on pace to quadruple what I could have ever made in restaurant management.

Nearly a decade later, Brooks is still a high-performing agent in Tracey’s office—he completed 28 transactions in 2019.

If you have some extra time, read the whole interview from our archive—it’s a great story.

Do you think there are still some restaurant managers (and other talented individuals) who are looking for a way out of this economic mess?

They’ll need some hiring managers like Tracey to show them the way.


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