Turning Acquaintances into Hires

by | Feb 4, 2020

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

As a real estate hiring manager, you probably have a substantial number of competitive agents who are acquaintances.

If you saw one of these acquaintances at a closing, you’d recognize them, and they’d probably recognize you.

If you ran into one of these agents at a networking event, you might even start the conversation like this:

Hi Sarah, we met a few months ago when you were representing a seller on a transaction where I assisted in resolving some of the title issues.

And a professional conversation would ensue.

These connections are a rich source of potential hires, but few hiring managers take full advantage of their potential.

This week we’ll help you improve your capacity to make productive connections by delving into the work of psychologists Art and Elaine Aron.

These psychologists are some of the leading experts on relationship development and their insights will help you be more effective in your quest to build meaningful connections.

The first step involves changing the types of questions you ask during those early acquaintance conversations.

It’s simple stuff that most people can quickly master, and it will make a big difference on how your recruiting conversations progress.

More to come…

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