Overcoming the Internal Resistance to Recruit

by | Apr 9, 2024

Any time you attempt something difficult (like recruiting), you’re going to face resistance.

Some of the resistance will be external (competitors, market conditions, economic constraints, etc.), and some will be internal (what you believe about yourself).

According to author Todd Herman, the internal resistance is usually more difficult to overcome because it isn’t obvious.

Internal resistance frequently lies hidden below the surface in what are called “tribal narratives.”

These are stories you’ve been told your whole life about what people ‘like you’ can and cannot do.

You’re affected by these narratives because you came from somewhere (ex. family background, schooling, work history), and you’re connected to others (ex. peers, team members, bosses).

Being a part of a tribe brings with it certain beliefs and behaviors.

We’re afraid of challenging these narratives because doing so means leaving who and what we know behind (no one wants to get kicked out of the tribe).

We don’t want to abandon our identities, so we abandon our futures instead.

Don’t let this become your story.

Once you’ve identified the source of these narratives, you’ve taken an important step towards altering your beliefs for the better.

Who’s whispering in your ear?


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