Don’t Strive For Being Notorious

by | Oct 31, 2023

If you met a random person on the street and asked them to name a real estate company in your market, what answer do you think you’d get?

Would it be your company?

For most of you, it would be one of your competitors.

This is what marketers call unaided awareness.

Unaided awareness is the ability to name a member of the category without having to choose it from a list.

While it seems like this would be a great advantage in recruiting, Seth Godin explains why it doesn’t help much with decision making.

It’s tempting to want to be the Nike of your category.

It really pays off in group situations, where someone wants to be sure to choose an option that ‘everyone has heard of.’

But unaided awareness isn’t a useful goal. Because most decisions that matter aren’t unaided.

Most choices are made with some consideration.

What people say about you is even more important than being on everyone’s notorious list.

Being “heard of” may get you a place at the table, but most people don’t make career decisions on reputation alone.

They need to connect with a real person who is willing to listen and engage.

That is why the best recruiters and hiring managers usually win the best talent.

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