From Good to Great

by | Oct 20, 2023

During a coaching session, one of our executive clients relayed a conversation she had with one of her managers.The conversation took place during a quarterly performance evaluation session and went something like this:Executive:  You’ve really made some great progress on your KPIs this year.  I’m impressed by the focus and attention you’ve placed on our revenue producing activities.Manager:  Thanks.  Some of the changes we talked about last quarter are really working for me.Executive:  Your mortgage and title capture rates have improved, your newer agents are engaging our systems and getting traction, and your office’s per agent productivity is the second highest in the company.  Manager:  I feel like the market conditions have hindered our success, but I guess we are making some progress.Executive:  You are making progress, and you’ve grown into a very capable coach, trainer, and administrator. You’re a good manager.Manager: That’s it.  I’m just good?Executive:  Yes, you’re a

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good manager, but you’re not a great manager.Manager:  Why?Executive:   Because great managers recruit, and great leaders attract talent.If you want to make your own transition from good to great, get your recruiting numbers up.


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