The Importance of Interview Failures

by | Mar 14, 2023

Wow. That was a waste of time.

Is this something you’ve said to yourself after interviewing a candidate who seems to have low potential?

We’ve all been there. After experiencing such an interview, most of us have the urge to tighten the screening requirements and only interview candidates with better credentials.

According to researchers, taking this course of action will produce the exact opposite results you’re looking to achieve.

Why? Because avoiding failure has become your objective.

Organizations who focus on avoiding failure tend to perform at a lower level compared to those who encourage it.

You’ve probably heard the story of how Babe Ruth entered the history books after hitting his 714th home run in 1935.

Remarkably, less than 24 hours after setting the home run record, he also set the record for the most strikeouts.

Ruth’s record for strikeouts stood for almost 30 years.

Who outdid his illustrious accomplishment? It was Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle.

But, Mantle doesn’t currently hold this record. He was eventually surpassed by Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson.

It’s obvious these world-class sluggers were comfortable with striking out.

If you’re aspiring to hire the most talented individuals, you should be too.

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