What Makes an Agent Unhappy? Part 3

by | Jun 22, 2023

When a person is stuck in an unhealthy work routine, it can feel like a dark place.And it becomes difficult for them to recognize the reality of their situation.Your job as a hiring manager: Turn the lights on!Researchers have discovered what tends to make a workplace a bright place.We covered two factors yesterday, and here are two more:Culture Fit. Performance and happiness at work are much higher when employees feel they fit within their organizational culture.Not fitting in a job is like wearing the wrong clothes to a party—all the time. It’s hugely draining and de-energizing.Shared Commitment. Commitment matters because it taps into the macro reasons of why you do the work you do.Some of the underlying elements of commitment are perceiving you’re doing something worthwhile, having strong intrinsic interest in your job, and feeling that the vision of your organization resonates with your personal purpose.To turn the lights on, craft questions that uncover the unhappiness that a recruiting prospect may be experiencing.Do you have good friends and colleagues at work who value you and how you contribute?Do the goals and objectives of your broker resonate with your personal goals?The research leads you to the place where the pain most likely exists, so you don’t have to grope around in the dark.And the questions bring the pain to the surface.


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