How to Disqualify Recruiting Prospects

by | Aug 31, 2022

Last week, I published a call script for screening new-to-real-estate prospects.

The script demonstrated how to quickly set an interview with a qualified recruiting prospect.

But what happens when the prospect is not qualified?

If you’re being selective and focused on hiring talented agents, at least 80% of recruiting prospects are not going to meet your standards.

Here are some ways to wrap-up a call with an unqualified prospect.

Just say no. If you’re certain an individual does not have the capacity to be a high-performing agent, it’s appropriate to let them know during the call.

Based on what we’ve discussed, I don’t think this position is a good fit for you. Thanks for taking to the time to apply.

Force self-activation. If you have even a small amount of positive hope for the person, give them an assignment to complete.

I appreciate you taking the time to apply and spending some time on the phone with me today. I’m going to send you an email with the real estate licensing requirements. Once you get signed-up for classes, give me a call back and we’ll discuss next steps.

Both of these techniques will move the unqualified prospects off your list and allow you to focus on those who have the most potential.

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