What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“The Daily Insights sets the recruiting tone for my day by offering guidance and helpful data. It’s like my daily “recruiting gratitudes” that help me tackle my daunting tasks by offering support and encouragement.”

Barbara O’Rourke

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“The Daily Insights help me to remember and implement new ideas. I even share them with my team from time to time and use it for motivation for current agents. They’re helpful beyond recruiting!”

Arica Rucker

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“As a managing broker, I read Recruiting Insight daily. It truly is insightful about the process, the psychology, and the people including both the recruiters and the recruited. I am grateful because Daily Insights has helped me become a better leader and recruiter, and I enjoy reading and sharing the insights with my leadership team. It is great to have information specific to our industry. Good recruiting can solve all problems, and bad recruiting can create more problems!”

James Hiles

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“Often when reading Daily Insights, it sparks an idea for me to use that day. It keeps me focused on doing the right things at the right time for the right reasons.”

Dan Marantz

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“Focus…Focus…Focus! After 20 years of recruiting, it helps to have consistent reminders of what and how to pull all of the messaging together to create a brand that resonates with the agents in the marketplace and deliver on it! The Daily Insights are a never ending source of great ideas.”

Suzanne O’Brien

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“The Daily Insights give me that “first thing daily reminder” to stay on task towards reaching my recruiting goals.”

Dean Wilson

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“The Daily Insights help me focus at the start of the day on recruiting from a couple of perspectives–mindset and the actions I need to take.”

Mike Holland

What Our Readers and Listeners Say

“My Daily Insights email is something I always look forward to each morning. The content is insightful, helpful, inspiring, and motivating. The book and article references have been so helpful in my professional and personal development.”

Reka Huebscher

Recruiting Solutions For All Stages of Your Business


Proactive Outreach to Your Ideal Agent

TalentScout is a US-based professional call center, specializes in making outbound calls to recruit experienced local agents, highlighting your unique value proposition to secure in-person recruiting appointments.


Experienced Agent Recruiting At Scale

CoRecruit offers coaching services to help real estate firms recruit experienced agents more efficiently, focusing on creating effective systems, processes, and habits. We equip leaders to consistently generate leads, maintain a talent pipeline, and convert prospects into hires.


New Agent Sourcing At Scale

ThirdPool specializes in equipping real estate firms to efficiently recruit and hire promising new agents. Our methods and systems have transformed new agent recruitment into a profit center across North America.

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