Creating Influence Through Questions

by | Aug 16, 2023

Business coach Colin Wilson reminds us that asking questions is the first and most important job of a hiring manager or recruiter.It elevates you to a position of influence in three ways.Value. Your value to your candidate is not measured by what you know, but by what you bring to the surface during the dialog.Your perceived value goes up when you make your prospects think and wrestle with meaningful ideas.Knowledge. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your candidates’ wants, needs and obstacles, the more likely you are to give them the information they need.How will you be able to help them navigate obstacles if you don’t know what the obstacles are? Questions get you there.Attentiveness. Asking questions of the candidate puts them at the center of your attention and demonstrates that you care enough about them to inquire.If you make them feel you’re most concerned about their problems and their opportunities, you’re winning. People care most about themselves.If you want to be an influential recruiter, here’s a rule-of-thumb: Spend most of the time you’re interacting with prospects asking questions.

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