Why Hiring Managers Don’t Reach Their Goals

by | Jan 5, 2023

I recently spoke with the recruiting manager from a large real estate company on the East Coast.

She’s responsible for managing the experienced agent recruiting activities of more than a dozen real estate offices in her company.

Part of her role is to coach and help motivate each office manager to meet their recruiting goals.

During the discussion, I asked her,

Why do some of your hiring managers not reach their goals?

She was quick to answer.

She was quick to answer.

1. Fear. They’re scared to make calls and connect with prospects.

2. Lack of Belief. They don’t believe in the viability of what they have to offer competitive agents.

3. Focused on Other Goals. Some hiring managers are “just putting in their time” and prefer to focus on the easier/more enjoyable parts of the real estate management job.

It’s that time of year when real estate organizations are setting their recruiting goals for the year.

If you didn’t reach your recruiting goals last year, and you’re feeling anxiety about what’s ahead, perhaps it’s time to honestly examine your motives.

What’s holding you back?

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