Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

by | Sep 7, 2023

As inventory levels remain at historic lows, agents who can generate listings are in a very desirable position.Those who primarily work with buyers feel like they’re in purgatory.So, who’s getting the listings?According to Steve Murray, there’s one group of agents that suffers more during downturns.When inventory is tight, the top 20% of agents attract a disproportionate share of listings because of their relationships and brand recognition.New agents are also getting more listings because there are more of them, and they’re capturing the “mom and dad” listings.Both the high-performing agents and the new agents are taking listings from the mid-range performers and marginal/part-time agents.The mid-range agents are the most vulnerable.Your competitor’s mid-range agents are vulnerable from a recruiting perspective.If you have a system or methodology for generating listings, there’s a high demand for what you’re offering.Your mid-range agents are vulnerable from a retention perspective.Make a list of your agents who are capturing a lower number of listings in the last 18 months. You can bet their frustration level is high, and they may be looking elsewhere to get their problem solved.Struggling agents want their pain taken away, and they’ll gravitate towards those whom they believe can solve their problems.


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