Working Your Post-Covid Pipeline

by | Jun 3, 2020

I know many of you took my advice and diligently built recruiting pipelines during the Covid crisis.

Here is a note I recently received from Andrea Lawrence at BHHS Alliance in St. Louis.

Cindy has 40 prospects in her pipeline she recruited during Covid-19 who are now getting licensed. Many of these individuals came from good careers they are not going back to.  

Here’s to the next great 7 months of recruiting in 2020!

Andrea and her team will likely reap the rewards of their hard work, but their work is not done yet. It will take good follow-up execution to turn these prospects into hires.

Here are three things high-performing hiring managers do to get their prospects over the finish line:

1. Break the hiring process into small steps. The real estate hiring process takes several months. Reduce the process into small steps. Then help prospects accomplish each step and cross it off their list.

2. Treat prospects like they’re already hired. Invite them to sales meetings, training classes, and other activities your agents regularly do. Have them start building their database. Even before they’re licensed, make them feel like they’re already an agent.

3. Connect prospects with others in the company. Relationships are the glue that will keep your prospects from defecting to competitors during the pre-hire stage. Make connections virtually if you can’t do it in-person.

There are many individuals who are excited about making the transition to real estate right now.

By doing great follow-up, you can help turn their initial hopes into a reality.


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