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Explore a wide range of topics, from recruitment strategies and leadership challenges to adapting to market trends and personal development. You can also find Insights that discuss the importance of branding, effective communication, and innovative practices, providing real estate leaders with insights and tools to become better at recruiting.

The Library Effect

The Library Effect

Just getting together with other hiring managers and recruiting for a set period of time each week will short-circuit many of your recruiting excuses.

Reciprocity–vs–Quid Pro Quo

Reciprocity–vs–Quid Pro Quo

Dive into the potentials of reciprocity and quid pro quo in real estate recruitment, nurturing balanced relationships with prospects.

Big Gains Are Made with More Focus

Big Gains Are Made with More Focus

Explore the importance of focus and priority-setting in real estate management, and how to defeat distractions for long-term success.

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Recruiting Solutions For All Stages of Your Business


Proactive Outreach to Your Ideal Agent

TalentScout is a US-based professional call center, specializes in making outbound calls to recruit experienced local agents, highlighting your unique value proposition to secure in-person recruiting appointments.


Experienced Agent Recruiting At Scale

CoRecruit offers coaching services to help real estate firms recruit experienced agents more efficiently, focusing on creating effective systems, processes, and habits. We equip leaders to consistently generate leads, maintain a talent pipeline, and convert prospects into hires.


New Agent Sourcing At Scale

ThirdPool specializes in equipping real estate firms to efficiently recruit and hire promising new agents. Our methods and systems have transformed new agent recruitment into a profit center across North America.