Professional Talent Managers Increase Their Hiring Standards

by | Sep 29, 2023

Over the past few years, many individuals sought to enter the real estate industry and many companies threw open their doors and gladly hired them.The number of real estate agents grew to an all-time high, and it became increasingly difficult for many of these new agents to gain traction.In one sense, this is a mismanagement of talent.Rather than using the nationwide employment churn to upgrade the success profile of the average agent, most brokerages diluted their talent pool with unqualified individuals.How do you fix this problem?   Allow natural attrition to run its course and then increase your hiring standards when you rehire. In the professional hiring manager’s mind, not everyone makes the cut.They must meet selection criteria that are well-established and reflective of the desired performance level of the organization.Your selection criteria can include factors such as work history, assessment results, interview performance, desired character traits, social network capacities, and other factors you’ve documented that will lead to success.The goal is not to craft the perfect selection system. It’s to thoughtfully create one and then follow it.


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