Soulful Leaders Have the Greatest Influence

by | May 4, 2020

In one of my favorite podcasts from the archive, Dave Mashburn explains why some leaders create more influence than others.

In my experience, there are two types of managers.   

One type sees their jobs in only business terms.

They believe it’s their responsibility to be available for business questions, organize their team in the most productive way, and check all the boxes on a daily basis.

The other type of manager is a soulful leader.

They do all the things the first managers does, and they recognize the importance of the business details.

But there’s something more profound that motivates their interactions.

These men and woman understand the importance of being useful beyond the surface.

They’re constantly curious about how they can discover the important underlying issues leading to success and help more deeply.

For them, it’s about becoming a better team because each member feels valued, understood, cared for, and yes, even loved.

Soulful leaders have significantly greater influence and long-lasting effect on those around them.

Granted, it’s a lot of work and consumes a great amount of emotional energy.

But it also produces the high return—both for them and those they’re serving.


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