Learn to Ask Contrasting Questions When Recruiting

by | Mar 28, 2023

Simple questions often produce simple answers.  And that’s not a good thing for recruiting.

A question like:  Have you ever considered changing brokerages?

Produces answers like:  No, not really.  or   I’m happy where I am.

With this approach, you’re making it way too easy to shut down the conversation.

As an alternative, try asking questions that create a contrast:

If you were to ever change brokerages, would you rather work with a smaller, tightknit group of agents or a larger group where you could be more independent?

With this type of exchange, the follow-up questions flow more easily.

Here’s a few more examples of contrast questions:

Do you tend to use the technology solutions provided by your broker, or seek out alternative solutions that are a better fit for you?

Do you prefer to get coaching and training directly from your manager, or do learn better from your peers and other high-performing agents?

Are you concerned about all the venture capital and technology entering the real estate industry, or do you think it’s a trend that will pass quickly?

With each question you’re forcing the prospect out of their normal response routine and getting them to reveal what they really think.

The hardest part of recruiting is getting the initial dialog going.

It only makes sense that it will take some creativity and focus to get past this obstacle.

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