Purposeful Onboarding

by | Jan 17, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

Bill Walsh, the legendary San Francisco 49er’s coach, knew that some things were too important to leave to chance.

He recognized the first couple drives of the game would often cast the die for the remainder of the competition.

“So, we prefer to make our decisions related to the game almost clinically, before the game is ever played…. [During the game] you are in a state of stress, sometimes you are in a state of desperation, and [it’s difficult] to make calculated decisions.”

To avoid risking a poor start, Walsh would script and meticulously practice the first 25 plays of the game.

After the first 25 plays, he’d make adjustments based on game conditions.

A new hire’s start in your organization is also too important to be left to chance.

Many hiring managers dedicate huge amounts of energy and expense to bring a new hire into the organization, but lose focus once the new hire crosses the starting line.

To avoid seeing your hard word vanish before your eyes, treat the first 90 days of your new hire’s tenure in your organization like Bill Walsh planned his first 25 plays.

Failed hires compound the problem of talent deficiencies.

It’s worth the time, effort, and focus to finish the hiring process strong.

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