Recruiting Insight Podcast: How to Increase Recruiting Volume 7X in Just 12 Months

by | May 15, 2024

This week we’ll be starting our summer podcast series.

Our theme this summer is:   How’d You Do That??

And we’ll focus on leaders who have developed and executed recruiting strategies that produced remarkable results in today’s market.

No fluff. No pontificating. No telling you what should work.

We’ll talk with real operators who are in the trenches competing for each hire, just like you.

This week we are connecting with Carol Bulman.

Carol is the CEO of Jack Conway–one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Boston metro area.

Under Carol’s leadership, Jack Conway has grown into a regional powerhouse with 19 offices stretching from the North Shore of Boston all the way out to Cape Cod.

While she is no stranger to recruiting, in late 2022, she decided to pivot from primarily focusing on new agent recruiting to putting more emphasis on experienced agent hires.

And her results were remarkable.

Last year, she increased the volume her company recruited from $20M to $139M, and she’s sustaining her results in 2024.

You’re going to love her story, so let’s get started.


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