Putting Your Recruiting Prospects in Scoring Position

by | Jul 28, 2023

We just crossed the halfway point in this year’s baseball season, and I’m starting to pay more attention to how the Mariners are doing (not good).I’m a casual fan, but those who are more serious observers see baseball through the lens of metrics and statistics.From an offensive perspective, getting base runners into scoring position (on second or third base) is an important metric.If a team gets enough players into scoring position, runs will naturally follow.Runs lead to wins and wins lead to championships.Recruiting follows a similar pattern.To win, you must consistently get high-quality prospects into scoring position.This means bringing a number of people up to bat (active recruiting prospects).Getting a percentage of those prospects to first base (live conversations via text, phone, or email).And, moving the highest potential prospects into scoring position (a live face-to-face or video interview).This is the simple formula most high-performing recruiters use to reliably reach their goals.


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