Your First 90 Minutes

by | Dec 20, 2023

Multiple researchers have suggested that humans tend to do their best and most meaningful work in 90-minute spurts.Some believe this timeframe is connected to an ultradian rhythm that naturally plays out while you’re sleeping.If you can align yourself to the same rhythm during the day (so theory goes), you can be more productive.But most people can’t structure their whole day in 90-minute time blocks considering the responsibilities they have to respond to the schedules and needs of others.Putting utopia aside, would it be feasible to capture one of these time blocks and reserve it for your most important work?And not just any time block, but what if you claimed the first 90-minutes of the workday as your rightful possession?No reading email.  No responding to texts. No social media.  No agent interruptions.Just you proactively working on the most meaningful, important, and non-urgent things in your business for the first 90-minutes.If you’re looking to develop a new habit in the new year, you might want to give this one a try.If you’re a leader, insist those on your team do the same thing.This will multiple your productivity gains. And you can all agree–after the first 90-minutes, the whirlwind can begin.


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