Your Highest and Best Contribution

by | Dec 14, 2021

Yesterday, I encouraged you to think of your role in terms of contribution.

Stop asking: What tasks do I need to get done today to fulfill my obligations?

Start asking: What can I contribute to help my organization accomplish its goals?

Once you’ve adopted a contribution mindset, gaining focus gets easier.

Peter Drucker advises that a leader’s contribution should spring from a common set of priorities.

Every organization needs performance in three major areas:

1. Producing Direct Results.

2. Building of Values and Their Reaffirmation.

3. Building and Developing People for Tomorrow.

This resilient framework directly applies to the work of every real estate manager.

Use it as a quick test when you build your schedule, decide who to spend time with, and choose when to let some things go undone.

Your highest and best contributions will only emerge when your efforts are focused on the most important needs.

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