How to Get Laser Focused on Recruiting Results

by | May 11, 2023

As many of you know, we help real estate companies recruit more effectively.

In a consulting role, we get a front row seat to the recruiting processes organizations are using and the new innovations they are trying to implement.

Here is a common framework used by the most innovative companies to get outstanding recruiting results.

Talent. Successful recruiting companies tend to have one or more talented individuals spending a lot of time and mental energy on recruiting. These individuals get executive level attention and sponsorship.

Resources. After getting a talented individual(s) focused on recruiting, high-performing companies dedicate resources (money) to the effort. Since everyone is on a budget, this usually requires freeing up resources dedicated to other projects.

Measurement. The recruiting process should be organized differently than other business systems. It operates at a different pace with a unique set of metrics that demonstrate progress. These metrics should be visible and frequently reviewed at the executive level.

Most real estate leaders agree–recruiting is the life blood of their organizations.

High-performing companies convert that belief into a laser focus on recruiting priorities.

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