More Talent Attraction

by | Jun 3, 2024

Last month, I introduced you to the idea of conducting regular talent attraction events for your office or team.

It’s one of the lead generation tactics every hiring manager should be using to engage their recruiting prospects.

Here are some of the most common questions I get from our clients concerning talent attraction events:

How often should I offer them? About once a month.  Being on a consistent schedule helps prospects get in the habit of engaging you.

Who should be invited? Invite your own agents (especially those who best reflect your culture) and the recruiting prospects on your warm list.

What topics should I cover? Address issues that are relevant and timely to all the agents in the marketplace. Broader topics will attract more participation.

Who are the best presenters? Those recognized as experts or those having specific domain knowledge will draw the most attention.

What’s the best event format? Both live events and “watch party” formats are effective.  It’s important to include a discussion/networking time after the presentation.

What’s the best way to handle food and refreshments? Having a food theme is a way to create consistent branding (ex. Lunch and Learn, CE and Charcuterie, xxxxx Breakfast, etc.) across multiple events.  Pick a format and stick with it.

There are many more ideas.  If you have one that has been successful, share it with me and i will publish a follow-on Insight with additional tips.

If you need some help getting started, sign up for the free talent attraction event we’re offering Insight readers later this month.

We started this last month and had hundreds of agents attend live and also watch the recording.

It’s a great way to get talent attraction events established for your office or provide content for events you already have going.

If you’re seen as a resource for the agents in your marketplace, talent attraction will happen organically.


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