The Recruiting Opportunity of a Lifetime

by | Jun 18, 2024

In a recent interview, Tom Ferry made an interesting observation:

When you look back over the history of all great businesses, most of them started during recessions, depressions, or moments of change.

This is not a recession or depression, but it is a moment of change. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Later in the interview, he went on to say:

If you got too comfortable in 2021 playing pitch and catch and constantly being thrown the ball…this market will be a challenge for you.

In essence, what previously worked for most agents is no longer working.

But those with a different mindset and superior skills can perform at levels higher than ever in today’s market.

So, how do you find agents like this to work with your team or brokerage?

Some of these agents are already in your office or on your team, and they just need coaching to make the transition.

Some of these agents are working for your competitors and need a leader like you to help them reset their mindset and improve their skills.

And some of these agents are not even agents yet but see the changes taking place from the outside and can smell the opportunity.

For the first two categories, helping an agent who had some previous success change their mindset and skills is a difficult task.

For the last category, selecting new agents who will succeed has always been difficult, and current market conditions will not make easier.

As Tom Petty says:  There ain’t no easy way out.

But here’s the good news.

Most of your competitors will not figure this out. But if you do, the payoff will be bigger than ever.

Stay in the game.


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