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Explore a wide range of topics, from recruitment strategies and leadership challenges to adapting to market trends and personal development. You can also find Insights that discuss the importance of branding, effective communication, and innovative practices, providing real estate leaders with insights and tools to become better at recruiting.

5-Minute Friendships

5-Minute Friendships

Recruiters can enhance their approach by creating ‘5-Minute Friendships’ with prospects, emphasizing genuine, brief interactions for meaningful connections.

Brand Bragging

Brand Bragging

Brand Bragging emphasizes the importance of employer branding in recruitment, showing how effective communication and visibility on social media can attract job seekers.

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

Collect Data While You Recruit

Without exception, the most important lead indicator for recruiting success is the face-to-face appointment with a viable...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

Tell Others About Your Goals

You’ve probably noticed how fundraisers communicate their goals and keep you updated on the progress of a campaign.It could be...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

The Remarkable Power of Optimism

In a post from the archive, Martin Seligman tells a remarkable story about optimism.In the mid-1980s, 120 men from San Francisco...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

Agents are Fearful Right Now

I was recently on the phone with the CEO of a large real estate company, and he relayed the following story. The top agent in my...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

How Not to Work Yourself to Death

In an email from executive coach Bill Watkins about the patterns he sees among business owners and entrepreneurs who overwork. I...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

Growing During the Storm–Part 2

On Friday, I pointed you to  Steve Murray's study after the real estate recession between 2005 and 2011. The study documented...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

Growing During the Storm

Quick history lesson today. Between 2005 and 2011, the real estate industry experienced a monstrous recession. During that...

Mid-Range Agents are the Most Vulnerable

Quitter’s Day

According to research conducted by Strava (a social network for athletes), 50% of individuals give up on their New Year’s...

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Proactive Outreach to Your Ideal Agent

TalentScout is a US-based professional call center, specializes in making outbound calls to recruit experienced local agents, highlighting your unique value proposition to secure in-person recruiting appointments.


Experienced Agent Recruiting At Scale

CoRecruit offers coaching services to help real estate firms recruit experienced agents more efficiently, focusing on creating effective systems, processes, and habits. We equip leaders to consistently generate leads, maintain a talent pipeline, and convert prospects into hires.


New Agent Sourcing At Scale

ThirdPool specializes in equipping real estate firms to efficiently recruit and hire promising new agents. Our methods and systems have transformed new agent recruitment into a profit center across North America.